Thursday, April 17, 2003

[Egg Alert!] I was thinking about when Indi would lay her eggs and how close together her and Roxy were last month, and I decided it might be a good idea to look around the tank. Yes, I recovered two fully-hydrated Indi eggs from where she was guarding them inside a humid hide. I guess it was humid, because I think it was at least a week since I soaked down the bag of perlite. So I'm happy. I can't vouch for the fertility of the eggs - Roxy's look much better - but we'll see if they mold over or survive to hatching.

Roxy is looking much thinner, even in the tail, after producing these two clutches of eggs. I have seen her, probably within the last month, really chase down those crickets before anyone else is even out of there hide. So I have a new feeding idea - not to feed the crickets all at once, but to feed some and give Roxy a little time to chase them all down, then feed the rest. It should help.

[Egg Alert!] Roxy layed her second clutch last night, so we'll call it 4/17, which is very close to 4 weeks from her first clutch. These eggs seem a bit smaller than her first clutch.

Monday, April 14, 2003

Well, I guess Indi is the one doing the digging, and she's just getting ready to lay eggs because she's still carrying them. I took her out of the laying box to look at her belly and when I put her back she jumped out of the laying box into another hide. I hope she goes back, because that would be a good place to lay her eggs and she clearly intended to lay them there up 'til now.

I'll post when I find the eggs - sounds like an Easter Egg hunt, eh?

Most of the dirt in the laying box has been kicked into one corner and Indi is in there, so it looks like she layed a clutch in there last night. Roxy could have done all the work and left with Indi going in afterward - I notice that she likes being around eggs - so I won't be sure who layed the eggs until I see them and see their size - small would be Indi and large would be Roxy.

Indi's first clutch didn't make it, so I hope that this clutch is viable. And the other female, whichever she is, should lay her eggs soon.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

I found two more eggs buried inside the laying box around the time of my last post here which are probably Roxy's. I made an incubator, and the eggs have been inside for a couple of weeks. The temperature is 80F and the humidity appears to be 90. The eggs look fine.

Here's a pic I took of my leopards' current habitat:

The Habitat